Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter is cold, but I will take the Sunshine!

Well I have to report that my delving into making cookies without a mixer was not successful, and there will be no pictures. Here in lies where I went wrong...I do not know what recipe I was looking at, but for the first batch of Oatmeal Lace Cookies, instead of reading 1.5 tsp. of cream, I read 1.5 cups. I thought it odd at the time, but added it anyway. What it looked like was a gloopy mess of oatmeal and/or wallpaper paste. I quickly scanned the recipe again, and quickly found my idiot error. "Curses" I screamed allowed. I could not fix this...I did try though, added a bit more flour...but no...argh!!!! So away I mixed up another batch, this time not making such a foul error. Mind you the recipe is still a bit gloppy. So glop them i did onto the baking pan. The recipe said to take them out when they had stopped I did. I wanted to curl them, as they are thin and pliable. Nope that really did not work either. Sometimes my friends the baking gods are against you. They taste really good though...but do not even remotely look like lace. Needless to say I was disappointed. I have not a kitchen failure in a long time. And not that I am not going to try the recipe again...but today I am not baking at all. But I am scouring for other Oatmeal Lace Cookie recipes, perhaps this one was just not the right one.

The sun is shining brightly though today, and for all the coldness which we are experiencing -22C with the windchill, I am fortunate to live in a home which has floor to ceiling windows and for the better part of the day the sun, bathes me in its glory. It fills me with inspiration in these often dark days of winter.

When checking my email today, I had a bit of shock. I thought I had deleted an email address, from a person I no longer wished to hear from and her often tasteless emails (which she sends en masse to anyone and everyone). You see we had a falling out. One that never will be recovered, as I was the brunt of one of her tasteless decisions. But that my friends is another story, one that i am sure will find itself here oneday. But, as I remarked, it is a gorgeous day, and I will not go down that road at this moment. So anyway, back to the email, there it was in all its boldness. Of course I opened it, and of course my anger returned. As one must block the email, not just delete it. So this is what i did. Problem solved. Bad taste in mouth is now removed.

I watched the Madness of King George today. If you have not seen it, I recommend it highly. It lead me to Google him and find out more of such king. Did you know he had 15 children? Did you know that he never took a mistress, and that he loved his wife dearly? Did you know that he was the longest ruling monarch until Victoria?

I had a photoshoot with my ring yesterday. I received said ring from my beloved, for Christmas. It had to go away and be properly sized, and I missed it. I have never had a ring of this grandeur before. Imagine that! In fact I do not wear much if any jewellery usually, as it makes me fidget. But when I put this ring on, (and maybe because it was properly sized) it just sits there being pretty. I am truly in awe of it..I look away from it usually...

Enjoy...and I shall be back soon...

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