Sunday, February 6, 2011


Okay so here is my review of the Black Swan, in one word...DISTURBING...not a psychological thriller! Not that my opinion counts, but I will be left scarred from this movie. I will never be able to look at a hangnail the same, nail snippers, nor a nail file. Nor will I be able to look at a lovely ballerina, and not think that she is psychotic in some way. Poor ballerinas, they have had such a bad wrap. And this movie does them no good will. Bulemia, is rampant with our star, as is her affliction of scratching herself raw, something that we are led to believe has been there forever with this wisp of a girl. And whose mother actually at one point puts socks on her hands while she sleeping. Her mother is a Stage Mom. Guilting her daughter into thinking that she is the reason she was a failed ballerina. Oh yes, the mother sits in a room all day and paints pictures of her face smiling(I am sure there is some reason for this demented behaviour, but i am sorry, I do not know why??!!), and keeps in contact with someone at the Ballet Academy named Suzie (who we never see). I know, I know it is all about the control over her daughter..and the whole Psychological thrill of the whole thing..but it is just not that great of a movie. I did admire how Natalie Portman, did indeed look like an anorexic ballerina though, truly I did. And I did get the blaring juxtaposition of how Nina (Natalie) was always dressed as the pure virgin, and everyone else was usually dressed in black. The girl on girl action, in my minds eye is why the film is getting the attention. Even if your male date is bored with the movie, I am sure he will like these little interludes. I must say I have to link this movie in with Brokeback Mountain. And ask why the critical hype? I do not get it! I am a well read person, university educated, a mom, have lead an interesting and somewhat travelled life. Why do I not grasp, these hyped up movies? That is what disturbs me the most. When the end did finally come to this disturbing movie, I looked at my daughters and sort of guffawed. They too were in a quandry as to why the hype, and as I looked at the faces of the people in the theatre, they too were shaking their heads and smiling. I felt comforted in this. I knew that they too, did not get the hype. Oh we all understood the story, we did. But Oscarworthy, or even hypeworthy, left our whole theatre audience that evening just shaking our heads. Although, when she does turn into the Black Swan, it is a pretty cool affect.

Are these ballerinas that I caught in the park last summer neurotic, they seemed to be having a nice time...Natalie Portman, never seems to be having a nice time...ever...

And I prefer to remember my White Swans like this:
Much nicer...

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