Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday is obviously Potato Salad Night

Yes, I did. I made potato salad. It is my deep wish, that by making this salad that I bring on Spring just that much faster! It shall be glorious!

Not really much to report today, I am reading a lot of other peoples' blogs, and not really doing much of anything else. I am also scrounging some ideas for some really great cookies to make.

I still have not replaced my broken mixer, so until I do that, I will have to just keep notes on what my ideas are. I can only thant the Great Cookie Maker in the sky, that he saw that I got all my orders out before, my machine gave up the ghost.

Onward folks..only -20C out there tonight..bah...warm weather is coming. I just know it. One spoonful of Potato salad at a time...

Talk soon...

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