Monday, February 7, 2011

More Snow

Schockingly there is more snow today, and there was yesterday as a matter of fact. Hmmm, I kind of remember the weatherman reporting on Friday, that we would miss the snow, and more of Southern Ontario would get snow, not here in Toronto. My question is: "When do weatherpeople lose their jobs?", what catastrophe would they not have to predict to actually not lose their jobs? is a wonder to me.

Since my mixer is still broken, I have been researching, cookies that i could do without it...and have found a treasure trove of them. I will execute this mission this afternoon. I am making Oatmeal Lace cookies..and a wonderful hermit recipe I found...yum.

But for now, I have packed up my camera bag, and am setting out to capture any snowbound beauties out not be shocked if i somehow incorporate birds into my photography. ha ha ha...they are beautious!

It is mild out there...still snowing mind you...but mild...

talk to you soon...

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