Friday, February 4, 2011

Black Swan Night

Tonight I am going with my two daughters to see Black Swan. I hope it lives up to its hype. Movies are expensive, and I hate to think that I wasted my money. The last movie that I went to that had so much hype like this, was Brokeback Mountain. I remember specifically going with my "date" (now my husband, and best friend), and as the movie ended, saying to him"I am sorry". ha ha ha. It has been a great joke between us since, and we have never been to a movie since. Although he did say, it was time to break the curse and go see "the kings speech", so we shall see if we do go.

So wish me luck with this one, and I shall have a full report of it next time that I blog.

Photography is my passion. Birds seem to be my passion too (apparently)..I love capturing their motion, their character and their boldness...enjoy...

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